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009 – Poisons Special

In light of the recent suspected Russian nerve agent attack on the UK, we’ve recorded a POISONS SPECIAL, in which we speak to Drs John Emsley and Kathryn Harkup, two highly respected poison experts. We delve into both the murky world of international espionage and the Agatha Christie universe, talking ricin, Polonium-210 and good old arsenic. Who really killed Sergei Skripal? Could Hercule Poirot have solved the crime? And was Napoleon killed by his own wallpaper?


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Twitter: http://twitter.com/crimeficpodcast
Website: http://partnersincrime.online/

John Emsley: http://twitter.com/JohnEmsley
Kathryn Harkup: http://twitter.com/RotwangsRobot

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