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Latest Podcasting News

100 – 100 not out – LIVE!

Yes, we’ve reached the milestone of 100 episodes. Well Adam has. Bob – for very legitimate reasons – was unable to be there for the recording of this episode. Get well soon, Bob. 

This episode was live broadcast as a video on both YouTube and Facebook live and you’ll be missing out on some rather special visuals if you just listen to the audio. The episode is still available to watch on YouTube and on Facebook.

Either keep listening or clink the link to start watching. Not only will you see or hear Adam presenting the show solo, you’ll also be privy some trips down memory lane from previous filmed shows, there are video messages from past guests, guest hosts and well-wishers like Mark Bllingham, Lynda La Plante, Louise Jensen, Rachel Amphlett, Angela Marsons, Adrian Hobart, Graham Bartlett, Vaseem Khan, Elly Griffiths, Gillian McAllister and many more. Perhaps the most special of all is when you see Adam’s wife and myself hard at work providing essential support. 

~ Moriarty ~


April’s Book of the month: Murder and Malpractice by Mairi Chong

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